Lakshmi is the source of both material and spiritual wealth and wealth energy.
The word “Lakshmi” is derived from the word “laksme”, a sanskrit word meaning “target”. Therefore, Lakshmi represents life goals that cover both worldly and spiritual well-being.

Lakshmi energy is the energy that provides abundance in the continuity and protection of the universe.

Lakshmi is depicted as a woman with four arms and four hands in the pictures. He stands on the lotus flower, wears a red dress with a gold embroidery. They have gold coins and water lily flowers.
The four arms represent four directions in space, so they symbolize the energy of abundance ready and overlooked everywhere. The four hands also represent four elements of human life: Dharma (virtue), wedge (real wishes), artha (abundance) and moksha (liberation from birth and death) .Front hands represent activity in the physical world, and back hands represent spiritual evolution. indicates activities.

Since the right side of the body symbolizes activity, the lotus flower in the back right hand expresses that man should perform all his duties in the world in accordance with dhar.If this happens, the door opens to Moksha (salvation), symbolized by the lotus flower in the back left hand of Lakshmi. Coins falling from the front left hand to the earth illustrate that it provides abundance and prosperity to those who need it. The front right hand shows that it distributes abundance to those who need it.

Varahi is accepted as the abundance and abundance energy of 2020. Varahi energy is the source of intelligence, abundance and protection from negative energies. While he shields the negative energies with the Disk he holds, he fights against the negativity with the sword. The material abundance carries the energies of abundance and protection together.


Lakshmi Varahi Talisman will attract your material and spiritual abundance along with protection from negative energies.

Note: The pendant has a double-sided structure that rotates around itself. Can you use the side you want.

Material: 925 sterling silver and gold plated
Size: 31 mm
Model: Necklace
It is shipped with the silver chain and is included in the price.


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