We wouldn’t be raising our Saturn Yantra to the Saturn Transit!
On your natal chart, SATURN points to areas in your life that you need to direct and develop. If you make enough effort, it will never leave your efforts unrequited. Saturn’s place and strength on your map is a short summary of your past lives and an indication of what you deserve in this lifetime. Those who do not know the true nature of Saturn are afraid of it.
Saturn destroys our ego, draws our attention to issues we constantly neglect, and, if necessary, can also be a tough teacher for us to take the right path. However, although no one gives temporary discomfort, he does not like bitter prescriptions.
It will be difficult for you to realize the purpose it represents in your life without being friendly with Saturn and not understanding its agenda about you.
The difficulties brought by Saturn to your life are to discipline you, restructure your life and strengthen your personality.
Saturn knows your real life purpose! It is his responsibility to compensate for the mistakes you have made in your past lives and to clear your karma.
We recommend Saturn Yantra, mantra and Hanuman’s Gada to be friends with Saturn and learn its role in your life without much hurt.
Other details about Saturn will be available on our astrology page @ miujizavedastro …
Miujiza by Leyla Saturn Yantra Necklace ..

Material: 925 sterling silver

Stone: It is prepared with 2 mm synthetic natural sapphire.


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