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What is Mauli?

Mauli are natural threads in red and saffron colors that are worn on the left wrist and carried for life in Vedic teaching.

The red color thread protects the wearer from all kinds of negativity and evil and supports a long and healthy life. It gives strength and protects from the evil eye.

Saffron color brings high vitality and luck to the wearer. It also increases the ability to focus and communication skills.

The Mauli bracelet is tied to the left wrist with a special ritual that we will also inform and is not removed for 48 days. At the end of the 48th day it is removed, thrown into running water or buried in the ground. The new one is installed.

It has a special mantra read 27 times every morning.

If the rope breaks spontaneously within 48 days, it is believed to be an indication that it is collecting a significant evil eye effect, and it is likewise thrown into the water or buried in the ground.
It is replaced with a new rope.

Miujiza by Leyla “Mauli Twine” is sent in double packages for 96 days of use.

Each package includes: 1 red and 1 saffron Mauli Thread
Material: 100% cotton
Thickness: 3 mm
Length: 30 cm (if it comes long, the end can be cut after tying)
Delivery method: 2 packages (96 days use)


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