Indus Amulet SILVER


The first and only amulet in the world prepared by Miujiza by Leyla about this symbol 🙏
Indus Seal Amulet ..
There is an official and special mantra of Lakshmi’s 8 different forms of abundance abundance in the amulet, which has an ancient and auspicious trade seal of the Indus Valley Civilization in its bowl.
In addition, rice, black sesame, dharba grass and vibhuti powder are also included in the amulet.
The amulet is shipped with a chain to wear around the neck and also a long Mauli thread.
Silver and gold plated options are available.


Material: 925 sterling silver

Size: 36mm x 15mm

Model: Necklace (Amulet)

Comes with a silver chain and long mauli thread and is included in the price.


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