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It is known as the yantra of the yantra. It consists of nine interconnected triangles surrounding a central point, known as “a Bindu”. Sri yantra represents the human body as well as the universal energies. The universe is the macro cosmos, and the human body is the microcosm. Our bodily functions are performed by our 43 energy centers. These energies are represented by 43 triangles in the sri yantra.


BENEFITS: It invites luck, fortune, success, abundance and abundance into your life. Sri yantra is especially the side of new beginnings and material returns.


Material: gold plated on 925 sterling silver

Size: 16 mm

Model: Charm

Sri Yantra Charms, which are made of gold plated on 925 sterling silver, can be worn either on a bracelet, on a necklace or on a ring earring through their clips.
Note: Gold plated 20 cm bracelets on 925 sterling silver are sold separately.


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