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Miujiza by Leyla Diyaları (Handmade ceramic lamps) are produced in different models.
Models do not have a functional difference. You can choose the model that attracts you.
The Diya you will choose will be specially prepared for you by hand and your name and nakşatra will be written at the bottom. 4 pieces of 10 cm oil lamp wicks are also sent with your prayer.

A letter will also explain how to use your religion and how to meditate.

Benefits: Improving focus in meditation and general life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and health protection, cleansing the environment from negative energies, protection from negative energies.

Model: Diya KALKUTA

Size: Since each product is made by hand, although it is not a standard size, product dimensions vary between 15-17 cm.

Material: Handmade glazed ceramic work


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