7 Chakra Flower of Life Charm Gold-Plated YANTRA


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Flower of Life: A geometric shape consisting of intertwined circles and a large surrounding circle is called the Flower of Life and is regarded as the seal of God. This symbol is thought to contain the secrets of the universe. The Flower of Life, the first form that comes to mind when we say sacred geometry, is in all life forms. When you look at the structure of the atom you see the Flower of Life form. This geometric shape is known by the same name all over the world, from Egypt to Japan, Canada to Norway. It is not seen as a religious theme, but as seen above. It is said that the appearance of the ruins of Ephesus was created in the Holy books of the sultans during the time of the Ottoman Empire seven days of the world; each day is expressed by a sphere. These seven intertwined spheres first give the seed of life, then continue until 19 spheres, and the 20th sphere, including them as a whole, comes to the Flower of Life. It’s called the flower, it tells the five cycles of life, the never-ending cycles. When you take a tree of life, the fruit becomes the soil, it becomes the flower from the tree, the fruit becomes the flower, it opens to the soil again, and it starts this way again. This form is more than just a flower, it tells the endless cycles of life. 7 Chakra: The electromagnetic field surrounding the human body is called aura. The chakras are energy inputs located on the aura that go like a wheel. There are 7 main energy centers in all of us from the tail to the top. We take universal energy from these chakra entrances into our bodies. The chakras rotate like a funnel and absorb the universal energy into our bodies. Continuous energy production. Any blockage in front of it – which we call blockage – is blocked and cannot flow. Congestion in the regions where the chakras are located may also include organs in that region and may cause organs to become ill.


BENEFITS: With the 7 Chakra Flower of Flower charm, you can both work on opening your chakras and benefit your spiritual development by increasing your life energy.


Material: 925 sterling silver with gold plating


Dimension: 31mm

Model: Necklace


Chakra symbols and appropriate chakra colors were studied with cold enamel. Shipped with silver-plated gold chain

It is included.


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