7 Chakra LOTUS FLOWER Talisman …

LOTUS: Basically representing the purity of the mind and the purity of the soul, the lotus flower is also accepted as the concrete symbol of perfection. It is symbolically considered the key to spiritual awakening and achieving spiritual enlightenment.
LOTUS is also a symbol of material abundance and fertility. The center of the lotus flower is the center of great life and the source of power.

7 Chakra: The electromagnetic field surrounding the human body is called the aura. Chakras are energy inputs on the aura that rotate like a wheel. We have 7 main energy centers, from coccyx to our hill. We take the universal energy from these chakra entrances to our body. The chakras rotate like a funnel and absorb universal energy into our body. Energy is in constant flow in our body. If there are any obstacles in front of him – which we call it blockage, it clogs and cannot flow. Congestion in the regions where the chakras are located also covers the organs in that area and can cause organs to become ill.

7 Chakra Lotus Flower invites material and spiritual abundance and fertility to your life. It supports the areas related to your spiritual development, material expectations and health.
In the middle of 925 sterling silver and gold plated models, your synthetic natural stone options are:
1. Red – Ruby
2. Dark Blue – Sapphire
3. Purple – Amethyst
4. Green – Tourmaline
5. White – Quartz
6. Light Blue – Aqua Marine
7. Yellow – Citrine
8. Black – Onyx
It shaped.
Black cord or chain alternatives are available.

Zincir Seçimi

Siyah Kordon, Zincir

Taş Seçimi

Açık Mavi – Aqua Marine, Beyaz – Quartz, Kırmızı – Yakut, Koyu Mavi – Safir, Mor – Ametist, Sarı – Citrine, Siyah – Oniks, Yeşil – Tourmaline


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