Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology


The 'Super Science' of Nadi Astrology will shed light on the Journey story of your Soul. You will understand your past, present and future. Nadi Astrology is also known as "Nadi Jyotish", which means "Search the Channel of Light Science". What's more, Nadi is a "Science of Fingerprints" and a "Science of Voices". The Divine Knowledge given by Nadi Astrology is based on ancient and sacred inscriptions engraved on palm leaves known collectively as “Nadi”. Nadi emerged with the Great sages of India. These early Mind Scientists have reached the highest level of consciousness with highly focused meditative practices, sound waves and other esoteric techniques. This transcendent knowledge has enabled all souls to overcome this limited linear time reality to see past and future life stories. Their vision of the future has shown them the challenges that will prevail in the future. From their deep compassion to humanity, these developed and accelerated beings wanted to offer an opportunity for people to discover and transform their destiny and develop their soul. And they wrote the Stories of the Souls they saw.

What is Nadi Leaf?

Nadi was used as oral information for the first time. Its writing came in 3000 years from now. And the writers began to record the literary, scientific, spiritual and astrological heritage that India has had for more than thousands of years; it was a great legacy ... Granite slabs, thin copper slabs and bark were some of the media used to record information, but palm leaves were preferred for Nadi information. Rishis carefully etched each letter of the story onto a leaf dried with a special tool or pencil. This was done completely manually to prevent leaf splitting. The writing is almost seamless, with no space between words. Reading the leaves is one reason why it is necessary to understand Tamil or Sanskrit languages ​​as well as education. When etching was completed, lamp black or turmeric was applied to increase contrast and make it readable and oil was applied to help maintain them. The leaves in the same "thumbprint" or "soul group" category were then grouped by connecting them with a cord between the two wooden covers.

What Benefits Does Nadi Offer You?

Nadi's greatest value is that it helps you understand the connections from your previous lives to your current life. Perhaps the greater significance of Nadi is that it offers precise solutions to transforming "your karma now" (paying your karmic debt) from your previous births. Your past may come to your life to disturb you. The Rishis not only wrote the road map of your soul on Nadi leaf, but also wrote a list of 'healings' or 'corrections' that would put you on a positive path. You can really correct past mistakes or wrong decisions. Often these healings suggest you go to certain temples to make a few simple presentations. We are all energy beings. By harmonizing with a particular vortex energy (vortex), you can withdraw your inconvenient karmic energy signature from the past and direct your presence back to the right path. Often these vortices of energy are temples in India. However, depending on the nature of your karma that needs improvement, sometimes churches, mosques and other specific sacred places are also prescribed for a visit. The effect of the drugs listed removes the residual effects of your past actions and allows you to progress quickly in your wishes in this life. Nadi is organized into sections called "kandams", which are special sections about your life.

AstroVed Nadi Basic Package consists of 3 parts:

Chapter 1, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14.

Chapter 1, called the 1st Kandam or the General Chapter, describes the important events that await you year after year, while Chapters 13 and 14 are the remedial sections that you need to do to transform your life and preventive measures against negative possibilities.

After completing the Basic Sections, you can also choose to read additional sections that provide specific information about important areas of your life. Additional solutions for different areas are also envisaged in these sections. Note: Sections 1, 13 and 14 are prerequisites before ordering additional sections.

1. Basic Thuliya Nadi Package

1. Basic Thuliya Nadi Package This package contains basic sections 1, 13 and 14. AstroVed has launched a rare Nadi astrology app that can meet your urgent needs in the near future. This is called Thuliya Nadi Astrology. Thuliya (sensitive) Nadi is a rare Nadi astrology that accurately predicts your life events over the next 3-6 years. Thuliya Nadi focuses on your life more precisely and in more detail now and in the next few years. It currently contains more information about the energies, people and events that affect your life. The predicted reading and remedial measures are focused on the near future and will maximize positive outcomes while minimizing the negativities in your life. This variant of Nadi astrology also covers Chapters 1, 13 and 14. All you have to give us to experience the basic Thuliya Nadi Nadi is your fingerprint. This essential package contains the most important and necessary information that includes readings from sections 1, 13 and 14 in your life.

Consultancy Fee: USD 525

Miujiza VedAstro support

If you wish to receive additional support from the MiujizaVedAstro consultants regarding the process (sending fingerprints, making appointments for interviews at SKYPTE, attending interviews during interviews, translating the report after interviews), the price requested for this additional service

Translation and guidance service fee: 750 TL

2. Nadi Basic Package

This Package contains essential information in Sections 1, 13 and 14 Section 1- General Kandam - helps you to identify personal information such as your name, parent's name and spouse's name. This section also gives general estimates for the rest of your life. Chapter 13- “Shanti” Kandam - enlightens you about the sins you have made in your previous and important arrivals to the Earth and describe their effects on your present life. It is prescribed to eliminate these effects and reverse your life. Chapter 14- “Diksha” Kandam - identifies existing negative effects due to negative planetary positions and bad eye contact from jealous people. These are two main reasons for the crisis and obstacles in your life. A sacred prescription is given to eliminate the effects and provide protection. Nadi Basic Package - This package, consisting of Sections 1, 13 and 14, contains the most important and necessary topics in your life with the help of your fingerprint.

Consultancy Fee: USD 429

Miujiza VedAstro support

If you wish to receive additional support from the MiujizaVedAstro consultants regarding the process (sending fingerprints, making appointments for interviews at SKYPTE, attending interviews during interviews, translating the report after interviews), the price requested for this additional service

Translation and guidance service fee: 750 TL

Reading and Solutions Combined Package

Get live answers to all your questions about your past, present and future with Nadi's Super Science. With this Combined Package, you will benefit from the advantages of both the Nadi Basic Package and the solutions in the prescriptions given for chapters 13 and 14 (to be done healing work on your behalf through competent people to whom you are appointed as proxy). These works are jealousy, evil eye, black magic, etc. It clears such effects.

Consulting Fee: USD 756

Miujiza VedAstro support

If you wish to receive additional support from the MiujizaVedAstro consultants regarding the process (sending fingerprints, making appointments for interviews at SKYPTE, attending interviews during interviews, translating the report after interviews), the price requested for this additional service

Translation and guidance service fee: 750 TL


1. Search Process: After purchasing your NADI Package, you will be asked to send your thumb marks via e-mail. You can do this with a fingerprint scanner, or by taking a photo of your fingerprint after dipped in ink paint on a piece of paper. Nadi Reader, who receives your thumbprint, will identify your Nadi Leaf. Once your leaf is found, you will receive an invitation to have a live reading conversation via SKYPE.

2. Identification Stage: As Nadi Readers are in India, you will most likely prefer to contact Skype. However, if someone wants to come to India to take Personal Reading, this can also be organized. There is no difference between these two methods. It depends on your preference and possibilities. This identification phase is very important as it will identify your leaf. Nadi Reader questions matching key elements, such as the names of your name and parents, and verification of certain astrological details on your birth. Nadi reader will ask you many questions during the interview, your answers should be yes or no. You should not say anything except yes or no; If he asks if you have three siblings, you should not say, “No, I have four siblings.” Never give any additional information. Answer only the questions asked as “yes” or “no”. “Yes” or “no” and that’s it! Once your leaf is identified using key questions, the Identification Phase of your Nadi Reading ends.

3. Deciphering Phase: After determining the ‘Index Leaf’, Nadi Reader starts reading the information that is organized in the sections of different areas of your life. First of all, the reader must translate the leaf into modern Tamil language so that all these details can be transferred to you.

4. Reading Phase: After the deciphering phase, a second meeting time will be planned for the actual reading via SKYPE. Nadi Reader and a translator (Tamil language to English) will give you detailed explanations of what is written on your leaf in SKYPE in a live interview; Nadi Reader speaks modern Tamil, and the translator translates it into English. This stage is called Nadi “Reading”. During this process, you can ask questions and get explanations. Reading will eventually include your Solution (healing) Recipe, this part of Reading will be recorded and presented to you by AstroVed in MP3 format.

our assurance

AstroVed works only with Nadi Readers who have been through years of rigorous education and have the highest level of integrity and skill. Authentic Nadi Readers are made up of a few distinguished people who learn this art by transferring it from generation to generation in the same clan. Dr. Pillai has conducted Nadi research for over 20 years and discovered true, accurate and reliable leaves. Our Advisory Board guarantees that the leaves read by expert Nadi Readers are from a real source. Our Nadi readers are specially selected by our Nadi Accreditation and are constantly monitored.

our guarantee of satisfaction

Nadi Reading is different from the Vedic Astrology Prediction. The reader of Nadi reads what he saw from the leaves. Nadi readers in general are not astrologers either. They are only trained to intuitively read Ancient Palm Leaves. If you are not fully satisfied after the Nadi Leaf Identification session, you can contact for a full refund. During the Interactive Reading session, you can stop the Nadi reader and ask questions if you need more information. If you need information about the strength or weakness of a particular planet or special times of the year, you can also schedule a separate and paid consultation with a vedic astrologer.