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About Astroved

Astroved is, without a doubt, the World’s No.1 Online Astrology organization.

AstroVed is an international organization founded in New York that main activities are in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Baskaran Pillai, founder of AstroVed.com, is known worldwide for his education, humanitarian philanthropic activities and deep Vedic knowledge.

Astroved’s mission is to enrich the lives of every person touched by providing solutions with Vedic astrology and healing rituals. Dr. Pillai’s thesis is that “Spirituality is an important tool for social change” and its superior efforts have created a wide range of analysis and healing services, which we can consider as Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Betel Leaf (Royal) and Vishnu Maya.

AstroVed constantly allocates financial resources for research on Vedic sciences to combine the technologies of ancient traditions with our modern science. Astrology as a science; It finances research and development worldwide without interruption to scientifically verify.

The Company’s Vision Statement is “Old Vedic Wisdom for Modern Times” and by creating a successful global organization, it brought enormous changes and very strong personal solutions to its clients in their fields of finance, relationship, career, spirituality, health, work, family and children.

AstroVed.com provides simple yet powerful solutions for humans based on Vedic Astrology principles and norms. AstroVed is managed by a Vedic astrologer panel, along with experts in other fields. They offer simple yet powerful solutions to deal with relationships, money, career, health, business, family and other problems. In addition to Vedic Astrology Birth Map Analysis, Nadi Astrology Readings, they prescribe healing in the form of hydration rituals, pooja, tarpanam, homas, and pradosham rituals through a group of trained priests or personally on behalf of members.

AstroVed is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

About MiujizaVedAstro

MiujizaVedAstro is a Vedic Astrology Consultancy Company founded by Leyla Özlem Demir in 2019 under the roof of Miujiza by Leyla.

Since 2011, Leyla Özlem Demir closely followed all the studies with the student identity of Dr. Baskaran Pillai and developed herself with Vedic Astrology trainings she also received from Astroved instructors.

When Vedic experienced how powerful an analysis and healing tool is when guided by the right astrologers, he made MiujizaVedAstro a special agency agreement with Astroved in order to spread these services.


1. If you have a good command of the English language, you can get the relevant service in English by paying directly to Astroved by making your choice by clicking the buttons provided under the services.

2. If you think your English is not enough, you can request translation, guidance and guidance support from the Miujiza VedAstro team, as well as the service you will receive from Astroved. This service is charged separately.