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1.What is Yantra ?

Yantras are two- or three-dimensional tools representing a specific frequency prepared using sacred geometry symbols. It helps the user to rise to the frequency he represents when he looks at it. It also has audio locking features. When used with mantras, they lock the sound and continue to propagate.

2. What is Mantra?

Mantras are Sanskrit dhikr patterns formed by the combination of cosmic syllables. Each syllable is directed to a specific frequency and mediates different expansions with the use of sound waves, both conscious and unconscious.

3. What is the talisman?

Amulets are symbols that represent the mythological sources of energy in ancient teachings. Just like the tantrums, it not only increases the frequency it represents when it is viewed, it also helps to spread the frequency by locking the sound of the mantras.

4. What do Gods and Goddesses symbolize according to the Vedic teaching?

The Vedic doctrine carries the belief of One God at the top. The gods and goddesses mentioned in the Vedic doctrine are mythological symbols representing the different features and powers of this ONE GOD. In the Siddhi teachings of thousands of years ago, we can see that there is not an abstract belief in God, but a mythological narrative in which the people can feel close. Myth is the word spoken or heard; fairy tale, story, legend. On the other hand, logic means science, although its first meaning is mentioned. So mythology means mythology. Although Mitos meant stories of the gods of a polytheistic religion, it never became a book of religion. According to Carl Gustave Jung, ne What we are according to our inner vision can only be expressed through myth. Myth is more individual than science and expresses life more precisely than it. Therefore, mythos are reflections of our own inner journey. The gods and goddesses in the Vedic doctrine are mythological definitions of the power and traits we have.

5. Are there any practices contrary to religions in Vedic teaching?

No. The Vedic teaching sheds light on a spiritual journey rather than a religious attitude. In the discovery of secrets of God, the Universe, and man, he draws an internal and experiential roadmap rather than "knowledge." The information part of this work can be explained by um Quantum Physics..

6. How does Quantum Physics explain this?

In summary, we can say that the effect of the use of dal sound waves ve and the activation of the midbrain by suppressing the neo-cortex region of the brain. This topic is so broad, deep and detailed that instead of answering here, we will be presenting our articles in BLOG. However, the following statements we care about can help us to have an idea:

Nicola Tesla: anız If you want to understand the mystery of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Albert Einstein: "Everything is energy, and it's all that. When you adjust to the frequency of the reality you want to have, there's nothing to do now, that reality is yours. There's no other way. It's not philosophy, it's physics."

Michael Talbot: “The physicist F. David Peat thinks that synchronicity explains that there is no separation between the physical world and our inner psychological reality. Therefore, the relative scarcity of simultaneity experiences in our lives shows not only how much we have separated ourselves from the general realm of consciousness, but also how far we have separated ourselves from the infinite and striking potential of the deeper order of mind and reality. ”

7. How do I decide which product to choose?

If you do not know which product you are looking for, you can check the yantra and talismans about the subjects you want to bring to your life in “INTENTIONS” section. If you still have not made a clear decision at the end of your review, then you can receive referrals via our LIVE SUPPORT LINE or WHATSAPP LINE.

8. How many products can I choose in the first place?

There is no limitation on this subject.

9. How long will it take to receive my product?

Following the ordering, the latest day 5 and the latest day 7 for the rings are shipped and the tracking number is transmitted when the size is whatsapp.

10. Where do you send to? How long does it take?

We can ship all over the world fast. Our experience shows us that overseas cargoes arrive at the latest within 1 week of dispatch. Customs Duties related to shipments abroad are borne by the buyer and we do not assume any obligation. However, the cargo companies we use carry the responsibility of the product until they reach the client.

11. What do I do after I receive my product?

A letter will appear inside the envelope with the product. This letter contains detailed instructions on what to do. In addition to the letter, we send educational videos through whatsapp if necessary.

12. What should I do with the Yantra or the talisman?

The work we expect you to do consists of 2 stages. 1. Energizing the yantra or talisman - this is a ritual that can usually be done with water, milk, candles and incense in the morning or evening. 2. Mantra meditation - Sanskrit dhikr sung once or twice a day 108 times. Information on what and how is available in the letter and in the videos to be sent.

13. How much time does this work take?

For each talisman or yantra you will study, you will need to spend approximately 15 minutes per day. Considering this time as a time to chat with your soul, we recommend you to focus in a quiet and calm environment.

14. When can I stop working?

In particular, instead of giving up the work you see, we recommend that you continue your lifetime by reducing the number of mantras you mention to 27 per day. As you continue to work, the life you desire will multiply.

15. When do I see the impact of the studies?

You can assume that if you do what you're told on a regular basis, you will begin to see the effects within the first 40 days. Although it varies from person to person, some of our clients see the impact of the work on the first day and some of them see it on the 90th day. In order to increase the speed and effect of the work, we recommend the VEL TILISM, which we know to break karmic resistance along with your yantra or charm.

16. Will there be a problem if I stop working?

No, there's no problem. If you wish or if you have to, you can stop working and start again.

17. Do the Yantra and talisman have an effective life span?

No not. All our yantra and amulets are life, or even fattening. As soon as you start reading the mantras, they become active again.

18. Do I have to carry my yantra or amulet?

We strongly recommend that you carry the highly talented yantras and amulets on you as this will affect your Bovis value.

19. What is the Bovis value?

Bovis value is the vibration value of an object or a person, or even a space. Each object, person and space had a vibrational value, which can be measured in different ways. Bovis value is obtained by vibration measurement method called Bovis Biometer.

20. What kind of counseling can we get from you while using Yantra and amulets?

When using Yantra and amulets, you regularly contact Ms. Leyla about your energy studies and changes in your life. Leyla Hanım's assistants assist with technical and application questions. All referrals, scheduling and whatsapp number information about them are included in the letter you receive.

21. Is there a guarantee that this doctrine will work?

As with all teachings, in this work we WILL, YOU DO YOUR WORK, and the Universe DECIDES. However, our experience with hundreds of clients shows that regular and focused studies (between 0-90 days) are MUST result.

22. In what environment should I conduct the studies?

Yantra and mantra meditation is your conversation with your soul and the Universe. We recommend that you allocate a period of time in which you can focus on your breath and voice in a quiet and calm environment. You can close and open your eyes as you do. In addition, you can light candles, ghee and incense if available. As an option, it is advisable to take a shower before mantras and wear clean clothes.

23. Can anyone else touch my Yantra or my talisman?

Preferably no .. However, if your partner, your mother or your child touches someone except “abishekam temizleme with the water cleaning process we call the yantra or talisman can purify different energies.

24. Can I do Yantra and amulet work for someone else?

You may only do this work for yourself, your spouse, your parents and your children. Other than these, we certainly do not recommend that you transfer the karma of the person you are going to do.