Determining Your Birth Time (Rectification)

Determining Your Birth Time (Rectification)

(determining your time of birth)

Determining Your Birth Time (Rectification) This service is designed for our clients who are not sure of the exact delivery time. Vedic Astrology can be extremely accurate when exact birth time is known. But when the time of birth is not clear, all predictions can change. Based on your written responses to a number of questions about your family as well as important events in your life, a Vedic astrologer has ancient methods to reach your exact birth time based on your critical life experiences. This study can be completed 15-20 days after you answer the questions we will send.

Consultancy Fee: USD 75

Miujiza vedastro hizmeti

All this service is provided by Astroved in English with Vedic Astrologers and Miujiza VedAstro is only intermediary.In filling out the English Form required for rectification, you need translation support from Turkish to English and guidance on what to write Muijiza VedAstro will charge an additional fee.

Translation and guidance service fee: 150 TL