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Everything in the universe is energy and vibration.

The table has its own vibration, the seat has its own vibration; the flower has its own vibration, the insect's own vibration….

And the universe serves indiscriminately to PROTECT everything in its own vibration. Without ever changing….

Our moods also have their own vibrations. If we're unhappy, we'il spread unhappiness to the universe. The Universe, in turn, serves our lives in a way that will sustain our unhappiness… Because there is no good or bad for the Universe. It detects which energy it tries to PROTECT; NO REPLACEMENT….

So what is really important is that if we want to attract our lives, we can first reach that VIBRATION..

The moment we understand this; we can change everything. And here is not a religion or philosophy; We are talking about QUANTUM PHYSICS itself: Without being happy; WE CANNOT BE HAPPY!.

How can we shake as if we were unhappy? It is impossible to deceive the universe. Moreover, while our subconscious is working at 1000 times the strength of our consciousness and working 24 hours a day..

Here the yantras, ancient amulets and the mantras that accompany it are the TOOLS of an ancient 15,000-year-old teaching that supports our adaptation of our personal vibration to what we desire..

We can draw miracles into our lives by using sound waves (mantras) and their visual forms, sacred geometry symbols and archetypes (yantra and amulets). Essential are sound waves and mantras. Yantras and amulets serve mantra meditation in the following ways:

• Our subconscious recognizes these symbols in some way (through the collective subconscious) and, when he sees them, adjusts to their frequency…

• Yantras and amulets have the ability to esi trap the voice in themselves.. They lock on the frequency of the mantras and continue to spread.

• They serve as reminders of the mantra meditations in the hustle and bustle of daily life in the form of concrete tools for us not to neglect. : With mantra and yantra meditation, we are able to adapt our subconscious frequency to the level that will bring the things we desire to our lives…:

As a first step, we learn what you expect from LIFE. And we recommend the appropriate Yantra or Amulets. Then, by taking your birth information, we make a personal alignment with the mantra of your choice, Yantra or Talisman. We will ship your product to you within 5 days by shipping with a detailed letter. In this letter, there are some points to consider when using your yantra or amulet. Once you have received the product, you make your mantra and practice, raise your frequency and draw whatever you desire, into your life. During this time, we will stay in touch with you through whatsapp and support you until your yantra or charm is activated. Let our miracles be abundant and immediate…


He was born in 1965 in Istanbul. Üsküdar American High School for Girls, Boğaziçi University and University of LondonHe is a graduate. Following his corporate life at Procter & Gamble, he has been the founder and owner of Procter & Gamble since 1991.He manages Karya Management Consultancy Company.

2011 Who am I and why did I come to this life? Başlayan inquiry and research, which started at a very early age. After his encounter with Baskaran Pillai, he was directed to Vedic and Siddhi teachings.

In addition to numerous group trainings from Dr Pillai, Demir has also started one-on-one initiation studies. In 2017, he started his yantra and mantra meditation consultancy under the brand Miujiza by Leyla. He founded Miujiza Mindtech in 2019 and provides special trainings based on different researches in the field of brain.

Demir works under the Pillai Center Official License. He is one of the 5 administrators of all Pillai Center Facebook groups.Design Studio and office is located in Izmir Urla Art Street. Realizing that Istanbul is consuming its production energy, he immigrated from Istanbul in 2015; currently lives in Urla. A girl is also the mother of two cats and two dogs….

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